Basketball Programs

We are proud of our training staff here at NLA.  All of our trainers serve as fantastic role models for each of our athletes.  Not only have they had success on the basketball court, but also academically and socially.  Our trainers are currently college players or have played and/or coached at the collegiate level.  Our basketball training staff serves as excellent role models for the athletes that we train.

Former NKU Womens Coach Nancy Winstel

What ever type of training you’re looking for, we’ve got it.  We have a lot to offer from a training perspective… private and group training, clinics, camps, team training, coaches clinics, basketball strength and agility, etc.  We offer just about everything that you’ll need for development.

To schedule training please call the facility.




  • Little League Basketball (1st and 2nd Graders – for Development)
  • Home School Leagues (For our growing home school community)
  • Eight (8) game youth leagues with season ending tournament (all held at NLA)


Individuals or small groups (4 or less) can work with our trainers and our fitness staff to focus on areas of the game that need improvement.

Working with a partner, or in a larger group of 3 players or more gives the ability to teach the game in many different ways.  Not only do we continue to emphasize the fundamentals, but also are able to create more competitive situations for players and give the opportunity to teach through playing 1 on 1 and 2 on 2.  Learning team aspects of the game such as setting and using screens, getting open on the perimeter, feeding the post, and much more.

 Training Focus

  • Shooting (Footwork/Form)
    • We teach the one/two step, and the “Hop” depending on the athlete
  • Ball Handling
  • Fundamentals
  • Defensive Footwork
  • Post/ Guard Specific Training
  • Mental Preparation/ Focus

Next Level partner Legacy Basketball

Next Level’s basketball partner Legacy Sports offers excellent opportunities for training, teams and leagues! See below!


For scheduling:

please contact Next Level Academy at 859-291-3000


419 Licking Pike Wilder KY, 41071 (859)291-3000